Keeping Your Network
and Employees Safe

as They Return to the Office

With the vaccine rollout continuing and positivity on the horizon due to significant reduction in Covid-19 cases, companies are now planning how to return workers to the office safely. To start, employees will most likely return to a hybrid workplace, one where they rotate in and out of the office, part of the time in the office and work from home the rest of the time.


However, as employees return to the office, they could be bringing malware that is hiding in their laptops and waiting to move onto the corporate network. Employees may have also added unknown software and applications to help them while working from home. Network security teams will need to be diligent to prevent employees from bringing threats back to the office.

To protect their networks, employees and critical data, companies will need to create plans and new safety protocols to keep their networks safe as employees rotate in and out of the office.

To help businesses meet this challenge, we’ve compiled our latest whitepapers, guides, and best practices to ensure that networks remain secure, and vulnerabilities are minimized.


Securing your network and employees can be critical during transitions. Cyber criminals will almost certainly increase their phishing attempts and other malicious attacks, taking advantage of overlooked network vulnerabilities. Below are resources for IT administrators and business leaders to use as we return to the office.

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