Buy a Year, Get a Year Free

Last year also saw a record number of cybercrime complaints, with the FBI receiving a record-breaking 791,790 reports totaling over US$4.2 billion. Most recently, a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline caused widespread gas shortages and cost the company about $5M.

As cyberattacks continue at a lightning pace, now is a good time to get acquainted with Untangle’s Network Security Framework, which includes Command Center for remote set up and management, NG Firewall to protect your network and SD-WAN Router to connect up all your different locations.

To help you keep your network secure, we’re making it easy to get Untangle. From June 1, 12:00 am PDT until June 15, 2021, 12:00 pm PDT, purchase one year of any software package for NG Firewall* or SD-WAN Router and we’ll give you a second year free.

*Excludes Home Protect Basic, Home Protect Plus, renewals and NFRs.

How Can Untangle and the Network Security Framework Protect Your Network?

NG Firewall

Managing your network and ensuring every device is adequately protected can be a complex and costly task. Untangle NG Firewall simplifies network security with a single, modular, software platform designed to fit your evolving needs.

SD-WAN Router

SD-WAN Router allows an administrator to connect up all offices into one easy to manage corporate network. It’s easy to build a Software-Defined Network to secure, optimize and prioritize traffic in a way that is effective, affordable, and easy to install and manage.

Command Center

Command Center makes it easy to manage your NG Firewall or SD-WAN Router appliances remotely, whether deploying for the first time with zero-touch provisioning, or pushing policy changes across your fleet. You also get visibility to the devices that are connected to your networks, giving you end-to-end control over what’s happening.