Keeping Your
Network Safe

During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Many small businesses and organizations are transitioning to telecommuting and reduced personnel in the office or at school. This can be a stressful time for IT teams, employees, and others who might have to rely on other forms of technology as they continue with “business as usual.”


During these times, networks can be especially vulnerable to cyber attacks as many employees will be logging in remotely or relying on other cloud-based applications to remain connected to their team and customers. We have consolidated several check lists, guides, and best practices that you can implement at work or at home to ensure that networks can remain secure and vulnerabilities minimized.

As always, Untangle is here to support our customers, partners and employees. Please continue to stay safe and healthy. For additional information about the coronavirus and precautions to take, visit the World Health Organization website.


Securing your network and employees can be critical in times of uncertainty. Cyber criminals may increase their phishing attempts and other malicious attacks, taking advantage of overlooked network vulnerabilities. Below are additional resources for IT administrators and business leaders to use during this time.

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